Why You Should use this Free Keyword Tool

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Why You Should use this Free Keyword Tool

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
Why You Should use this Free Keyword Tool :: Targeted Website Traffic

Why You Should use this Free Keyword Tool


Recently I got many questions regarding SEO tools so I decided to write a short article, why is this keyword tool in my opinion much better than Google Adwords.

Actually, It's more accurate than a Google Adwords!
(sorry Google)

Believe me or not, as an SEO strategist and Internet Marketer I use keyword tools every day, I tried almost all of them. Majority of them are paid! Yes, you try one link or a few keywords and then beam!...you locked, you have to buy!

Ubersuggest is free and pretty accurate.

You can look for as many keywords as you wish without any limitations, you can also see other metrics as a: search volume, CPC, PD, and SD. (I know those terms looks kind of scary, will explain below)

Let's explain what is the meaning behind those terms:

VOL - is basically very easy and it tells you, how many people type this specific keyword into a google search engine per month. 

CPC - tells you a rough estimation, how much you will pay, if someone clicks on your banner or text ad.

and I love this part!

PD - This is an estimated number in a paid advertisement showing you how competitive is the keyword if you pay for the Ad. the bigger, the more competitive it becomes.

SD also is known as an SEO Difficulty - meaning if you use some of those keywords in your article or a title, you should search only for keywords with a lower number, I use 30 and less, so the lower the better and easier for you to actually rank this keyword in a search engine!

There is more! 

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is just a short article, showing you and other visitors in this blog, that there are also free and very effective SEO tools you can use, the one I mentioned here is very simple and easy to navigate.
So what are you waiting for?

Ready for a better position on google?

visit UberSuggest