Why Am I Getting Lots of Traffic On My Blog But No Sale?

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Why Am I Getting Lots of Traffic On My Blog But No Sale?

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
Why Am I Getting Lots of Traffic On My Blog But No Sale? :: Targeted Website Traffic

Why Am I Getting Lots of Traffic On My Blog But No Sale?


Asked by Marianne, Florida


Hello Marianne thank you for your question.

First you should check where this traffic comes from and if the visitors are real or bots!
If you are sure that this traffic is real, you have to think why people don't want to buy from you.

There can be several reasons:

1. Website Design

If your design is poor or outdated people will trust you less and finally you will get less or no sales. See what graphic design your competitors use such as: logo, website color, font styles, pictures, etc. Be creative!

2. You Are Too Expensive

Yes, maybe you just have "a bit" higher prices than anybody else in your industry. Again, do a research and see what prices are optimal for you and your clients. I know you want to earn something, but sometimes less is more.

3. People Don't Trust You

Are you on social networks? Can people find you somewhere else? If you don't have "About me/us" section then your potential clients or customers wont trust you because you don't exist, you are for them a bot or computer, not a human being!  

4. Selling to a Wrong Audience

Do you know your customers? Where they come from and what they like?
In this case I would analyse your website and find out what are the sources of your traffic! Is that google? If yes, what keywords they used.
What about other sources? Are they coming from some health forum? or Car magazine?....
The best tool to figure out this problem is GoogleAnalytics

That would be a short summary of reasons why you don't get sales and what you should look for.

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