what are the most effective link building methods in 2022

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What are the most effective link building methods in 2022

08/16/2022 12:00 AM

What are the most effective link building methods in 2019?


Asked by Alex, NewYork


You have two choices of linkbuilding strategy,

1st one is Internal link building and 2nd is external, both are great and will help you get better results to rank well on Search Engines.

I would suggest write an Article, Guide or Just simply post an Info graphics on your website and describe it with links linked to similar articles on your or other people websites. It will not just tell search engines how valuable is your content but also notify website owners that you linked to them and either they can link back to you or you can develop a possible cooperation.

What I would also suggest is, you can contact directly website owners and ask them politely if they could link to your article and you can tell them that you will do the same, also show them your stats, how many visitors you get, to convince them to do so.

There is also a possibility to get back links from trusted websites lets say Wikipedia, here is the method how to do it.

TIP: Always link just to articles or get links from websites, which are in your niche or similar to your niche! 

How to reach influencers in your niche?

You can do it by email (there is a big chance that your email will end up in spam or trash) so make sure you contact them on social media and write them lets say this:

"Hello I read your article and I must say its amazing! Great tips! I have a website with similar topic and methods. Would you be interested in some cooperation? I would be more than happy mention you in my upcoming articles"

What I would also suggest is get backlinks from social media:

My suggestion is:

1.  Create profile with your logo or interesting image

2. Describe yourself in BIO and use at least 2 keywords + link to your website.

3. On Social Networks like Pinterest create boards with SEO Titles (at least 1 keywords) and description at least 50 words including 3 long tail keywords.

You can link t your website on a big forums such as: Quora, WarriorForum, BlackHatWorld Forum, DigitalPoint, also Tumblr is a good choice!

There are many forums and bookmarking websites where you can create profile, stay active build trust and authority and link to your website.

Hope this helps.

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