Should I Buy Targeted Traffic?

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Should I Buy Targeted Traffic?

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
Should I Buy Targeted Traffic? :: Targeted Website Traffic

Should I Buy Targeted Traffic?


Asked by Monica, LasVegas


Hello Monica, it really depends what website traffic provider you will choose based on some real results which he/she achieved for his/her clients (or reviews).

Nowadays you have many targeted traffic providers who are either pretending to be one of them or they really are but are not able to deliver job which they promised to their customers.

We at smartseoservice are always trying to deliver the best results and even if it doesn't work like it should on 1st time, we discuss it with our customer and create a new free of charge campaign with completely different settings to get the best possible results!

But back to the first point

As I mentioned many providers are pretending or they are a real ones, but they dont know what they are really doing.

One example of a targeted traffic service where for sure they are pretending to be an experts:


Because who would Advertise a paid Ad on Google to get clients, when they can generate ton of visitors for themselves? 

It doesn't have a logic. Of course there are many examples, but I want to keep this answer as short as possible.

What would be my advice?

Here are some main points which I would check before buying:

  • Testimonials! Like we have, here they are real, authentic and written to us directly from our 1st time or loyal clients.
  • Check if website has green https:// in case you will pay, your money will be secured. 
  • Is the person Real and Active on at least one social network?
    We are on LinkedIn (almost 20 000 connections) and Google+ (almost 8000 followers)
  • If you dont have money, try to look for free ways how to get targeted traffic, not just paid ones! Create as many as possible social media accounts and be active, create profiles on forum and stay active! Its all about your focus and time, if you dont have one or both of them, buy the traffic from a provider you think you trust. 
  • Im sorry but never buy Traffic or SEO gig from Fiverr or SeoClerks!
    Im not saying you shouldn't use those services, of course you should! There are so many useful gigs! But traffic for 5 Dollars? Excuse me?...
  • Always ask a provider from where is this traffic and if they can provide you a tracking tools, so you can see the visitors in order you dont have GoogleAnalytics


There are many scams out there but also a good traffic providers who are offering this kind of service and in some cases it works!
My advice is always try, if service doesn't cost you 100 dollars and more, (which is not cheap of course) you can see what works or what doesn't for you and in some cases some traffic providers like us, we provide 50% refund on all packages which is fair for both.

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