What is the best method for marketing on LinkedIn?

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What is the best method for marketing on LinkedIn?

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
What is the best method for marketing on LinkedIn? :: Targeted Website Traffic

What is the best method for marketing on LinkedIn?


Asked by Vladimir, Ukraine


Hello Vladimir, a lot of my clients are asking me this question almost every day on my LinkedIn profile so I decided to answer it also here on my website.

Basically it is really easy and as I use to say its all about being consistent every day and do your work on 110%. 
How? again its simple. Keep reading.

This helps me:

1. Share Video or Image - do you have some great video about your business? Or you would like to say something to your audience? Share it not just on your wall but also in LinkedIn groups together with hashtag! I did it exactly like this and I got some likes, shares and comments and of course visitors to my web:

as you can see I used hashtag #maxbounty and below my post is another hashtag #Strategy which means I posted it into a Strategy group!
You can do this even if you don't have a lot of connections.

2. Article writing (hack method) - be active! I know maybe you don't have a time or energy to do it, but believe me It worth, you can do it by yourself or hire a professional writer to do it.
People on LinkedIn will trust you even more if you will become an expert in your industry!

How to do my "little hack" method?

Write short article on LinkedIn with a brief description about your original article which is on your website with a "Read more" or "Continue Reading" trick, so people will click on your link and will be redirected from LinkedIn to your website. Simple! but Works! :)

See image below.

So what you have to do?

1. Post Images of your work, Quotes or Videos about your business or some kind of promotion, educational stuff to engage with others!

2. Try to get as many connections as possible (related to your niche) to get even more visibility

3. Write or hire someone to write an article for you, and post it to LinkedIn groups together with a popular hashtag.

4. Share this Article across all social media channels.

5. Repeat this every day. 

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