Be Aware of this Survey Scams

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Be Aware of this Survey Scams

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
Be aware of these survey scams :: Targeted Website Traffic

Be aware of these survey scams


We all know these websites or at least visited one. Usually they will offer you newest Iphone or some famous products. So it will look more attractive.

Let's take a look how these sites look like:

... and those fake comments btw, generated by some sophisticated script are hilarious! Just look at them:

These types of comments are so obvious: 

"I won, I will celebrate today".

"I participated, I won and in only 5 days I received my iPhone 12Pro".

Im sure you are smart enough to see there is something going on but for sure its not legitimate.

I also named this: Lucky winner scam scheme. They ask you for your contact number, name or even more private informations as your credit card details. After you give them your number, they will occasionaly contact you which can be more than annoying.

These are the signs that can tell you immediately if a website is trying to steal your personal information or even worst steal your money:

  • poor website design
  • not real people behind the business
  • usually its iPhone, or some expensive device
  • deceptive price
  • very easy questions in survey or quiz 
  • fake comments (everyone won)
  • most common words: thank you, I won, amazing, I thought it was a joke but....

My advice?

Stay away from these websites. Remember you will not win and If you will see fake comments claiming they won, its just a good lie. If you see something like this, simply report it so you raise awareness and inform family, friends and others.

Share this with your friends so they wont become part of this lucky winner scam.