3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Blog Growth

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3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Blog Growth

08/17/2022 12:00 AM
3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Blog Growth :: Targeted Website Traffic

3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Blog Growth


1. Content 

- Create content that will differentiate you from your competitors

Your article or visual content must be different than other's. Be unique, find something what connects your customers and your brand together. 

TIP: Remember if you want to rank your article higher in search engines, add it into google webmaster tools and make sure article is unique and has more than 2000 words.

- Re-post proven viral content

If something went viral once, it means it offers some value for readers and there is pretty good chance if you create a similar masterpiece (not copying exactly the same)  your content will get shared on social networks.

Did you check how many shares article got on Pinterest or Twitter? Check it always before starting a new project.

- Take advantage of video content

According to research

  • Users spend 88% more time on a website that has video.
  • Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text.
  • Videos up to 2 minutes long receive the most engagement. (source)

Should I write something more? I don't think so. Articles are great but if you create a video content from time to time, it will definitely help your brand or business.

- Create story content

People love stories and its even better if its about you and your brand. Tell them what motivated you to start this project or why did you start.

You can even visualise this story content by using canva 

2. Traffic

- Invest into paid shoutouts

Don't be scared or shy to reach out to some influencers or bigger accounts in your field. Are you selling an online courses? Reach out to someone with 20k 50k or 100k followers, let's say you can use Shoutcart or BuySellShoutouts to save your time and energy.

- Network with people to get free shoutouts

If you don't want to pay for shoutouts and get them for free, this will take some time but you will definitely save hundreds of dollars.

Don't be scared, DM them right now and use kind words and have a clear strategy or explanation why you want to collaborate and what You can offer to them.

TIP: use hashtags to get targeted influencers, and make sure they have real followers, not fake ones.

- Use 30+ hashtags and geo tags

There is no business which is not on social media networks. Whether you use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or any other network, always use 1 to 3 relevant hashtags.

Don't forget geo tags.

3. Conversion 

- Use your Social Media analytics to test your:

  • Best posting time - It's not only about posting on social media, you also make sure what time you post on social media.

  • Content structure - Prepare a mini plan on how your content should look like, what pictures, titles and keywords it needs to success. 

  • Audience interest - It's very important what keywords, hashtags and titles you will use. If people type: best marketing strategy into google, this keyword should be used in your article, ad campaign or in video title.