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Website Page Size Checker is one of the SEO tools developed by SmartSeoTools over the years. As the name suggests, this great tool is a page size checker that can be used to find out the page size of a given URL. It is a great tool that users can use to check the size of a website online. If your site takes longer than usual to load, you may need to resize your site as this can lead to a higher bounce rate as people tend to get impatient. The web page opens. The average size of a small web page is 12 KB and loads very quickly. The more content on a page and the larger the page, the slower it loads.

Embedded video, images, audio, graphics, flash and other forms of support will increase the size of your page. First, knowing the size of your site is important to its health and performance, but how do you know the overall size of your site? This is where our Free Page Size Checker comes in.

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How to use Website Page Size Checker to check website size on the Internet?

The performance of a website is measured by the time it takes to open a particular web page. Free Page Size Checker is a tool that helps you check website size online and improve website performance by telling you the size of individual pages. If your web hosting space is limited, first you should find a better space, and second, you should keep track of how much space you are using by evaluating each individual web page. The most important thing is to limit the size of each page to maintain faster load times and keep bounce rates low.

Why use page size control on our site?

There are many website size tools available on the internet to check the size of your web pages, what makes our tool unique? Free Page Size Checker offer you one of the best tools to check your website size on the internet. Checking the page size of our website is easy, fast and reliable. And it's completely free for anyone to use, almost anywhere.

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