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Di Online Ping Website Tool

To determine if the server is responding to requests, you can use our online Ping test tool. Enter the IP address or domain name and you can see if the host responds.

Our online Free Ping Website Test Tool allows you to check website and server response times from three locations around the world.  The Ping test measures response time and detects errors from any of 25 monitoring sites by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets to specific host addresses, giving you a complete picture of availability and the host's performance on the Internet. After sending the packet, the ping test reports the duration of each ICMP ping request and the status of the request (success or failure). If the ping status is false, the system will return an error code and error description, such as a DNS error, and the error code is 12007.

Ping Test for Global Networks

The test tool Ping helps network administrators see a specific location or region around the world that may be experiencing slowdowns or outages The ping test can be used not only to determine if a website is live, but also to generate basic performance metrics . By running multiple ping tests, you can determine the average server response time from different locations around the world. These benchmarks can be used with Smart SEO Service Tools' other free tools to measure performance changes over time. For example, ping and traceroute are web versions of common desktop troubleshooting tools.

The difference between the desktop versions of these tools and the online versions of these tools is that you can run a ping or traceroute test directly in your browser, and the test will run simultaneously from a location of your choosing . This gives you an external view of how your website, network and servers are performing over time. With the external view, you can easily identify potential problems you may encounter with bugs or other issues. All of our online Free Smart SEO Service network and speed testing tools will allow you to do this from one place. With Smart SEO Service Tools, you can run instant tests from up to three locations. 

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