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From time to time, you may notice some websites that interest you, such as your competitor's new website or a portal that loads too fast (or worse). "Who organizes this?" , "What is the host?" or "What is a web host?" you may ask yourself.

A web hosting provider is an online company that provides website owners with the technology and services needed to make a website or web page viewable on the World Wide Web. Web hosting services include providing storage space for web documents and databases for websites.

It also offers e-mail and other services necessary for site maintenance. If you come across a website that infringes your rights in some way, you can also use this web hosting checker if you want to contact the hosting company; You can ask your web hosting company to remove the offending content.


Our online Free Domain Hosting Checker can help you determine who is hosting your website. This will give you a good overview of the web hosting providers that can offer the best value for your online business. You can use this information to make comparisons, whether it's performance, rankings, platforms or geography.

If you want to contact hosting providers for any domain, this online Free Domain Hosting Checker is the tool for you. Webhosting offers all its customers all the technologies and services necessary to make their websites effective and visible on the web, whether for private or professional use.

The service also offers a shared environment that allows shared hosting, where multiple websites are hosted by a single server. All web content, including images, graphics and text, is hosted on the local server, so performance does not depend on files stored outside the web server.


Enter your URL in our online Free Domain Hosting Checker and press "Submit". After a few moments, the results will be displayed immediately.


  1. Uptime: A generous uptime guarantee backed by reasonable terms of service is a good indication that your hosting provider will work hard to keep your website online.
  2. Speed: ​​ Speed ​​is everything! A faster website, more traffic and conversions, and more revenue for your business.
  3. Support: This is a very important factor! What is the speed of this method? Is it supported by sysadmins or outsourced?
  4. Price: Some hosting companies advertise their prices on the 3-year plan and it looks much cheaper, but on the annual plan it looks completely different.

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