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If you are a computer expert, you know how to take screenshots of what is displayed on your personal computer. You might even know how to take screenshots on smartphones and tablets. But taking a screenshot of a visitor's website is another matter entirely. As a webmaster, you may receive complaints from customers that there is a problem with your website, that they believe it has been compromised by malware or a virus, or that it has been hacked. Or the website function doesn't display the page it should display.

Your first action is to try to figure out the problem by asking the site visitor. But what if the visitor doesn't understand your question or speaks a different language. Now you are faced with a real problem for which you do not have a solution ready. You also don't want to disappoint and lose your prospects. Your best bet in this case is to have your visitors take a screenshot of your website and send it to you. But you're likely to run into another problem here, which is that your visitors don't know how to take a screenshot to email you. If you try to explain how to download a print screen or take a screenshot of a website, your visitors are more likely to stop chatting or talking with you and leave your site.

In this case, if you regard your client, ask or email them to copy/paste our online Free Smart SEO Service Tool Website Screenshot Generator, use it, download the file, and email . This will be the easiest solution to convey to your customers and give a quick look at where the problem is on your website.

Where do I need a screenshot generator?

Screenshot generator is a useful tool that can be used in certain situations. For example, you'll see the last screenshot removed by Google from your site the last time the crawler visited it. Or, if something goes wrong with your website, it will take a screenshot and send it to your web hosting service. If you make changes to your website or allow developers to make them, you must take a screenshot to see the changes or keep a history of the changes. You can also share screenshots and exchange ideas with website developers online. In fact, there are countless situations where screenshots are useful. Faced with this, PC manufacturers have long offered a "screen printing" option. They have made sure that the operating system used on your device supports this tool. You need to know the computer to use it. Right-click to capture the screen, but you need to know how and where to insert it and save it as an image on your computer. You can use the Free Screenshot API, the Google Screenshot API, or the JavaScript Screenshot API. But why use one of these apps when Free Smart SEO Service Tool Website Screenshot Generator offers a free website screenshot tool.

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