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All email users are concerned about their email being secure and unlocked. They use the services of popular email service providers and trust the provider to keep their emails private.

As a marketer or network marketer, you want to email website owners, but you don't know their email addresses. To help you with this, Smart SEO Service Tool has a solution. Open the site scroll down the list to reach Free Email Privacy Tools icon. Click it and enter the website URL. It will return and display the email associated with the site. Each site has its own mailbox, it is not displayed on the site. These private email services are provided by web hosting providers. If you click on it you can send an email to the site owner.

When do you use a public computer?

If you visit an Internet cafe or use a public computer to access your email, be sure to log in to your browser and clear your history. If you don't, you can leave a series of emails that could be misused. Also, you can use your desktop computer and leave your desk while your email is open. Before you know it, your co-workers may be misusing your email address. locking windows is easy; Just press the Windows key and the "L" key will lock.

Protect your email address

Having an email account doesn't mean you have to share it with the world. Do not reveal your email address in blogs, posts or social media sites. Sending your email out into the world means you are ready to be flooded with emails and open your email to hackers.

Sensitive email is encrypted

If you need to send sensitive information from email, it should be encrypted. You must inform the recipients that the email is encrypted and contact them and tell them that you are using encryption. Do not send encrypted codes by email, as they can be intercepted and used.

Webmasters who want to place ads on their sites will place icons on site ads so they can display them. Anyone interested in advertising can simply click on their favorite location icon and send an email. The deal is then negotiated between the site owner and the advertiser. Email Privacy is a useful tool for obtaining website email addresses, which can be used to contact website owners and administrators.

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