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Über Server Status Checker

Our online Free Server Status checker Tool helps you to check if your website's status is offline or online. Every time your browser requests a web page, a status code is returned. When something goes wrong, your browser will send a message in your browser like "An error occurred with error code, for example 404".

Server Staus Checker Tools Codes

As a webmaster or SEO you should regularly check the server status of its websites. Our online Free Server Status checker Tool can be accessed for free on Smart SEO Service Tools, running free tests for single or group URLs. Understanding HTTP Status Codes Our tool plays an important role in checking for various problems related to your website as it checks the status of the server.

Put up to 100 websites in the available text box and it will display the HTTP status code and the status of each website. Each server status code has a specific meaning. Multiple server states with their meanings are mentioned below:

1. 200: This shows that your site is in good condition and the server is returning the website URL you requested.

2. 301: This means that your website address has been permanently moved to a new website address and all domains and subdomains will be redirected to a new location.

3. 302: This indicates that the server has found a temporary website redirect. This site URL should be reused as it is temporary.

4. 307: Same with 302.

5. 400: This indicates a bad request. This indicates that the server cannot understand the URL of the web page you are requesting.

6. 401: Unauthorized access.

7. 403: Forbidden indicates that the server will not display any content until you have demonstrated access to this content.

8. 404: Not found. We are annoyed to receive this error message because we are not getting the results we are looking for, which means the file you are looking for was not found on the web server.

9. 410: Same with 404 .

10. 500: Internal server error. This error message annoys webmasters, web developers as well as individual website visitors as the error is server related and should be resolved in a shorter time.

From the error code returned on a URL, you should be able to determine why it works or isn't available.

If your site is down due to any of the errors mentioned above, you will need to resolve the issue with your website hosting provider.

This handy tool for detecting problems on the website should be an essential tool for all SEOs and webmasters. By using it, you as an SEO or webmaster find out exactly why your website isn't working and you can fix it.

Why Monitoring Server Status Is Necessary

As your website grows, you need to be involved in all aspects of your site's operations to check its health. If you neglect to monitor certain aspects of your website that generate the most revenue, such as the performance of your host and network, they can fail unexpectedly.

Continuous use of server status checker tool can bring many benefits, Such as:

Regular use of our server status checker tool will detect any startup errors and prevent minor problems from escalating

Provides advance warning about necessary software and hardware updates.

Continuous monitoring of your server Enhanced security. Installing critical updates greatly reduces the risk of malware and spam.

How to Use Server Status Checker

Our innovatary Server Status Checker Tool is used to check the server status of a particular website. A website's server status tells webmasters whether it's offline or online. Online status indicates that the website is working properly and any user can easily access the website while offline status indicates that there is a problem with the website and some users cannot open it. webpage. To use our tool, users need to put domain details in the tool field provided and the tool will do the rest of the work for you. Using our tool, webmasters can regularly monitor the site status and take immediate action whenever the site status goes down.

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